Video Additions (9.8mb)
Intro, Outro, and Bug for Videos
Video->MP3 Converter (11.5mb)
Converts any video file (.wmv, .mp4, etc.) to .mp3 audio format.
WMV->MP4 Converter (11.6mb)
Converts your .WMV files to .MP4, a Camtasia-friendly format (PC only)

Recording Video in Youtube (221kb)
Explains how to create your own webcam videos in YouTube.

Explains how to record from your screen or webcam into Camtasia, then out to
Explains use of the YouTube URL Mashup tool.
Explains use of the Screencast Mashup tool.
If you're having trouble finding your Screencast video address for the Screencast Mashup

How to Humanize Your Online Course
Infographic (source:
SRT-Related Tools
For use with the closed captioning process